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Water Treatment

Are you worried about the quality of your drinking water right now? Numerous problems could affect your tap water. While these issues may not always be obvious, they can lead to serious risks for your family. Water in your home may carry contaminants, like agricultural pesticides, bacteria, heavy metals, or unbalanced pH, which may cause other issues. Our water treatment specialists can diagnose any concerns you may have with your water and develop an effective and comprehensive plan to address these issues.

It may be hard to tell if your water needs to be treated, but there are signs that you can watch to know your water quality. If your residence uses public water, your water supply should comply with all SDWA regulations, although you may still be able to enhance its quality. However, it is particularly important for homes that rely on well water to monitor your water and guarantee that it is safe and convenient. Below are some signs that further treatment is needed for your water.

Signs of Inadequately Treated Water:


For years we have been helping clients, which means that we are more than qualified to help you identify a satisfactory and long-lasting plumbing solution for your household. At A1 Humble Plumber, we also offer our plumbing services to commercial buildings that require proper water treatment.

The water that flows through the pipes of your home serves a variety of purposes — from washing dishes after having dinner with friends to rinsing shampoo from your child’s hair, and even filling your glass after a hard workout. It might be easy to take your water for granted, but it does not mean you should. The water that flows out of your faucet should always be clean and safe, and our water treatment solutions are here to help make your water the best.

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Humble Water Treatment

The troubles you may experience with your water may vary considerably depending on the source of your water. Several water sources and uses for your water may require different methods of treatment. Here are some of the issues most frequently addressed.

Well water Issues: Iron, Acidic water (pH), Hard Water, Bacteria, Nitrates

Municipal Water Issues: Bacteria, Hard Water, Disinfectants (chloramines, chlorine, ammonia), Contaminants (agriculture runoff, industrial waste, chemicals)

Our water treatment specialists may recommend a single solution or combination of treatments, depending on your water condition, to ensure that your water remains crystal-clear and safe to use. We offer a lot of treatment services to improve your home’s water supply.

Our water filtration services depend on the topwater filtration systems, which are a maintenance-free whole-home system. These cutting-edge filtration systems apply five stages of filtration and conditioning to clean out your water from a variety of contaminants, leaving it clean enough for any use. These systems are ideal for those using municipal water or relying on a well. Additionally, the Viqua UV light, an advanced UV light sanitation system, can prevent bacteria from circulating through your water supply.

Water Softening

Water is categorized as “soft” or “hard” based on the presence of magnesium and calcium. Form a health standpoint, and these minerals should have no negative effects if they exist in your water since each is a significant daily nutrient. Water lacking these minerals, or soft Water, can be more convenient. Soft water does not leave a film or build up on clothing, dishes, fixtures, and skin like hard water can. Our water softening treatments are using advanced ion exchange technology to remove calcium and magnesium from your water. For those who use well water, this can eliminate and build up hard water deposits. 

At A1 Humble Plumber, we have water treatment solutions to make sure that you and your family always has access to clean water. Call us now to learn more. 

Water Treatment Humble TX

Our state-of-the-art water purification systems are here to protect your family’s health and make sure that your home’s water is in the best possible condition. We can address any issue, from the purification of well water to the improvement of the quality of municipal water. Our plumbers and water purification experts are highly experienced and trained to make you feel convinced when you call A1 Humble Plumber to address your water problems. Let us go above and beyond for you.

If you have harmful contaminants in your water, a quality drinking water system can make a difference. At A1 Humble Plumber, we have a choice of sizes and types that you can choose from to suit your household needs for water. The drinking water systems we use have a final carbon filter, which means that you no longer have to tolerate unwanted tastes or smells in your water. With our 5-stage system filters, you can also be sure that your water is healthy and pure at the molecular level.

If you are interested in our water purification service or any of our other residential plumbing assistance, feel free to contact us at A1 Humble Plumbing.


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