Sewer Line Repair

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Sewer Line Repair

The sewer line repair service is one of many services offered by A1 Humble Plumber. A sewer line is the main pipe in your home, which carries waste from home to the main sewer. The sewer line may age, and wear and tear may cause it to crack and leak over time. Some of the causes of a broken sewer line may be that soil and tree roots may shift. For many reasons, the sewer line can become blocked. When this happens, it will cause all the drains in your home to slowly back up or drain. Often in your house, you’ll have an unpleasant smell, which is an indicator that the backup comes from your sewer lines. It’s also an indicator that a plumbing professional is needed to take care of your sewer line problem.

A1 Humble Plumber has the state-of-the-art equipment to get you back up and running, for whatever the reason for your sewer line backup. Once the problem is diagnosed, we promptly take the necessary steps to resolve it. To repair the broken pipe, it could be as simple as cleaning the drain of any blockage. Whatever the case, our highest priority is getting to your home fast. We stocked our trucks with the latest parts and equipment in advance, so that our plumbing technicians are ready to move quickly and professionally.

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Humble Sewer Line Repair

While your sewer line is not something that you probably think a lot about, it is reasonably one of the most crucial components of your plumbing system, if not the most important aspect. This is the mainline, which removes wastewater from your home plumbing and moves it to the civic sewer system. Since sewer lines in your yard are most commonly buried beneath the ground, they are usually safe from corrosion and wear from the weather.

Much can go underground, though, and when trouble arises, you’ll need professional Humble plumbers from a team that you can trust, like ours. A reliable company, A1 Humble Plumber has a wealth of techniques and methods to effectively and efficiently repair leaks, clogs, and other problems with your sewer line.


Initially, it is crucial that you do not try to diagnose an issue by yourself or try to fix it on your own. This can not only create a huge mess, but you could actually do more harm to your plumbing system than you started with. However, knowing the signs that something is wrong is important, so you have time to call in a plumber before the problem grows.

One of the signs is puddles in your yard.  When you see a small puddle, it may also be caused by broken sprinkler heads. You need to identify if it is caused bya broken sprinkler head. Otherwise, the chances are that the puddle is caused by an issue in your sewer line.


You are essentially fertilizing your landscaping when your sewer line is leaking, as gross as it may be to think about. Hence, in your yard, you may notice vegetation that seems healthier and greener than the rest of the surrounding lawn.

Do you hear running water, despite the fact that no taps are on or around your estate? This can very likely be the result of leakage from a sewer line. Typically, the noise will be localized somewhere where no running water should be present.

Leaks in your sewer line will likewise cause excess moisture in your yard and the property in general. Then that moisture can lead to mold development. While mold remediation can remove the mold from a certified company, you will need to get to the source of the issue, so it does not happen again — and this can mean fixing a leaky sewer line.

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Sewer Line Repair Humble TX

Your sewer is important to you, the comfort of your home, and the overall hygiene thereof. After all, the sewer and drain system that guides wastewater away from home is probably the last working part of your home you want to encounter problems with. But if you want to ensure that during the lifetime of your sewer line and drain pipes, you run into as few problems as possible, there are a few steps that you can do to keep yours in top condition. And as sewer system repair experts in Humble, we would like to offer some tips to keep the sewer pipes in your home flowing and working as they ought.

First, watch out for what you put down the drain. That is especially important when your kitchen has a garbage disposal. Make sure that no wrappers of plastics, bones, oils, fats or grease find their way down the drain.

Next, keep an eye on any sewer system repair needed. From time to time, look around your property for signs of a sewage leak. The signs can include wet spots and foul smells around the property or in the yard. Another indication that you may need to repair the sewer system is if you notice that the grass appears to grow too fast, or appears to be healthier than the rest of the yard.

Investing in quality professional maintenance of your plumbing and sewer system is one of the most important elements of avoiding unnecessary sewer system repair. Regular professional plumbing maintenance contains a thorough inspection of your whole plumbing system, from the pipes to the water heater to your kitchen sink, to make sure that everything is in perfect condition.

If your toilet or drain clogs up easily or does not drain as quickly as they used to, repair of the sewer system might be necessary. The mainline might be clogged, and that is the kind of repair that the professionals should be left with. And when you need repair of the sewer system, it is important to have it always handled by qualified experts like us at A1 Humble Plumber.


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