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Keeping your property in good shape is a must for every Humble homeowner and business owner. It will make sure that you get a reasonable market price for your property if you decide to sell it but will also make sure that its structural integrity and security remain intact.

There are many things you need to take care of when it comes to your property, such as your plumbing system. Due to the complexity of this particular network of pipes and drains and faucets, it is normal that problems occur over time.

If these issues do happen, count on A1 Humble Plumber to be there to help you. We are a full-fledged plumbing company servicing both residential and commercial properties and are fully equipped to handle any issue that you may have.

We have a crew of the most exceptional plumbers and technicians at our disposal. They have the right blend of understanding, skills, and experience to tackle even the most challenging of plumbing issues. They can quickly diagnose what is wrong with your plumbing system and recommend the most appropriate repair to make it work like new ones.

With knowledge and skills, our team of professionals can deliver fast yet affordable plumbing services to our clients. Here at A1 Humble Plumber, our objective is to become your preferred plumbing company when plumbing problems occur. Whatever your question may be, from a cracked pipe to a broken water heater or even installing a new Humble plumbing system – we’ve got you covered. So do not hesitate to call us. We’re available every day of the week to meet all your plumbing demands.

Plumbers Near Me

If you need a plumber in Humble, the dedicated technicians at A1 Humble Plumber have been plumbers with years of experience in plumbing. Our Humble plumbers understand the value of expertise, dedication, and customer service. You might wonder, “Who are the best plumbers near me? “Look no further than A1 Humble Plumbers for a wide range of non-emergency and emergency plumbing services. If you need a plumbing contractor in Humble, trust us. We’re just a phone call out of here. Don’t hesitate to call A1 Humble Plumber for the best plumbers in Humble, Texas.

We operate according to local building codes and industry standards. We also ensure that all A1 Humble Plumber employed by our company are certified and properly trained. It means that the work at hand is fixed correctly and efficiently. Are you in need of a professional technician to fix a leaky toilet faucet or to fix a damaged sewer line? Are you worried that there might be a more significant problem behind your sump pump, which has been stinking badly? Our team can do this efficiently, swiftly and with the highest level of customer service in the area.

We are the plumbing company that puts strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and years of experience. If you’re searching for a plumber near you, we’re proud to offer several high-quality services to residents and business owners. A1 Humble Plumber service repairs involve sewer services, gas line services, water heaters, and plumbing services.


Humble TX has several professional plumbing companies that you can choose from. When you are looking for someone to repair your plumbing effectively and efficiently at a reasonable cost, it is vital to keep a few things in mind. Contemplate on these factors when evaluating which plumber to hire. 

Qualifications and Experience

When it comes to choosing the best plumber for you, checking their skills and experience is a must. Any plumber should be able to show you their certifications. They should be fully licensed and registered with a reputable plumbing company. It would also be an excellent idea for you to go on the internet and check out other customers’ honest reviews of someone’s work before employing them.

Local Plumbers

Reputation – Although a large plumbing company can have a poor reputation, it is safer to choose a renowned and recognized company in the plumbing community. Do some research before you decide on someone else. There are several review websites that you can use to get feedback from previous clients. Go to Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List and see what you can find out about the company. If most of their reviews are negative, it may indicate that it is not worth your time.

Reliability – Because their job involves dealing with the internal workings of your home, your plumber should be dependable. A reliable plumber should be able to deal with your plumbing problems quickly and efficiently. The quality of the plumber’s work should come into play when you decide whether to hire someone. If you hire someone who cannot be relied on to do a good job, you will have to find another plumber to fix the mess they made of your plumbing.

If you are looking for plumbing service in Humble, please get in touch with us today!

Tankless Water Heater

You may want to consider tankless water heaters for homeowners who want to save money on energy. A Humble plumber in Humble, TX, will be pleased to provide you with the information you need when considering a tankless water heater.

Conventional water heaters heat and store the heated water, keeping the water at a preset temperature. It means that hot water is heated until it is used, and when cold water enters the tank, the cycle repeats.

Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, heat water only when needed. Opening the hot water tap, the tankless starts to heat the water. Energy is saved by eliminating the need to heat a water tank repeatedly. The process of keeping hot water in a conventional water heater is called standby heat loss. When your goal is to reduce your home’s energy costs, the water heater is a logical place to start. It is, after all, the second-largest consumer of energy in a home.

A1 Humble Plumber is your reliable on-demand tankless water heater installation company. We take the time to understand your needs to find the right system for you. With our expert installation services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your new tankless water heater is going to work perfectly-and we also offer repairs and maintenance if something goes wrong. As your experts in the Humble water heater, we ensure your comfort every day. Call us right now!

Plumbers Humble TX

Unfortunately, plumbing problems do not always occur during regular business hours. Indeed, both residences and businesses often experience their most devastating plumbing problems after 5:00 p.m. or on the weekend. 

Not all of Humble’s residential and commercial plumbers offer emergency, 24-hour services, but those who do understand the types of plumbing emergencies that can happen and are there to fix them as quickly as possible. 

What Are the Most Common Plumbing Emergencies?

Anything can go wrong at any time, but some of the more common reasons you may find yourself in need of a plumber after hours include: Clogged Toilets – Severely clogged toilets may not be something you can dislodge yourself. If your home only has a single toilet, it is not a repair that can wait for the morning.

Clogged sinks – As the sink backs up, the flow of water can stop completely, affecting your ability to wash dishes, shower, or even wash your hands.

Leaking Water Heater – If you look at your water heater and notice it’s standing in a pool of water, it might be an indication that it’s finally broken down. This leak can cause significant water damage to the rooms below, as well as to the sub-floor, and is something that can’t wait until the morning. Call Plumbers Humble TX immediately and A1 Humble Plumber will get you taken care of.  

Broken Water Lines – From tree roots to gardening errors, serious harm to underground water lines can lead to wet areas in your yard, poor water quality, or unreliable water pressure in your home.

Pipe Burst – Pipes may burst for several reasons, but often require emergency service from Humble plumbers. From frozen pipes to erosion, they can cause significant water damage and disrupt the entire system of your home.

Sewer Backup – Not only is this messy, but it is also costly to repair and could cause additional damage to your home.

We offer emergency plumbing services 24/7 in Humble, Texas. Call for 24/7 emergency services.

Plumbers in Humble

Afraid of calling a plumber in the middle of the night, worried about the cost and trouble that will add to your already-stressed life? If you need an emergency plumbing company in Humble, Texas, no matter what time, day or night, A1 Humble Plumber is going to be there. We are the best plumbers in Humble.  Our skilled technicians will remain with you as long as necessary to ensure that the job is finished in the right way – for the first time. Whether you’ve found a small leak and fear that the issue is getting worse or you’ve woken up to the smell of gas, do not hesitate and wait until the last minute. If you do, you may be unwelcomely surprised to find that the cost of repairs is considerably higher when you call a 24-hour plumber in Humble.

Plumbing problems can lead to several other issues that can compromise your property’s structural integrity and the health of your family. Our team understands the importance of rapid response times, as even a few minutes could potentially lead to catastrophic damage. When you call A1 Humble Plumber, we guarantee that we’ll send a plumber to your location as soon as possible. Our mission is to help you get your life back to normal as quickly as possible, with minimal interference to your lifestyle or business.

Plumbing Companies

Regardless of the service you need, our Humble plumbers are ready to help. Whether you’re a business owner or a resident of Humble, we got you covered. We are readily available and will come to your business or home for prompt identification and resolution of the matter so that you can resume your business and life as quickly as possible. In most cases, your Humble area plumbing technician will be able to solve the problem without the need for big repairs, but rest assured that if you need additional work, our team will be right with you throughout the entire process.  If you’re looking for one of the Best Plumbing Companies in Humble, call A1 Humble Plumber today!

Whether you need an easy faucet replacement or a plumber to come to your rescue at 1:00 a.m., we offer free estimates for our services. We know how nervous it can be to ask for a new company’s quote, especially if you’re worried about what the job or service will be like. Unlike other companies that tend to drag out a simple toilet replacement by the “waiting” part, you can rest assured that we will always give you the most precise quotation to the best of our ability based on the information you provide during the call. Although some easy fixes, such as leaky sockets, clogged toilets, or broken valves, may sometimes worsen to a more complicated task, we keep you informed of our progress every step of the way. You have full control of the services we perform. Whether or not you wish to continue with our suggested maintenance or repairs, the ball is in your court.

Water Treatment

Are you concerned about the quality of your drinking water? We all need to drink clean water. Some of us are turning on the tap and just drinking. But not all the water out of the valve is so good to drink. It doesn’t matter if you’re in town with water or well water. It could be a lot better. At A1 Humble Plumbing, we also offer our plumbing services to homes in need of proper water filtration and treatment.

Hard water also affects your laundry area. Hard water is due to high levels of calcium and magnesium, which do not react well with soap or detergent. Washing clothes in hard water often results in looking dingy.  They’re wearing out sooner, too. Last but not least, it can make your towels unpleasant, being scratchy or rough. You don’t have to deal with all of these water issues. We supply whole house filtration and salt-free water softeners.

If you’re on a well, we’re doing the Whole House UV Well Kits as well. There is no reason to suffer from any bacteria in the water with modern water treatment. You do not have to deal with all of these water issues. We supply whole house filtration and salt- softeners. With our water filtration and treatment services, you no longer have to tolerate unwanted tastes or smells in your water. Call the best Humble plumbers now and discover more about water treatment.


Home plumbing pipes are built to last. Not last forever. If you live in an older home, you may be wearing pipes, prone to breaks and leaks, and congested with mineral deposits.

Replacing older pipes is a significant task that needs to be left to professionals. Whether you need a small amount of replicating done to replace a few bad pipes, or you need a complete replication of the whole house, you can trust the work of A1 Humble Plumber. We will do our best to get the job done quickly and to intrude on your daily routine as little as possible.

If you are afraid that a repiping job means that plumbers will tear down your drywall and floorboards, turn your home into a demolition zone, you do not need to worry about it. Repiping is a big job, but our plumbers do it in such a way as to minimize the intrusive work done on the building material of your home.

Repiping work usually takes 3–5 days, depending on the size of the job. During this time, the plumbers will ensure that your regular water service continues to work most of the time you’re home using a bypass. If you spend most of your day at work, you may not even have a service interruption.

If you have an older home that has recently experienced numerous problems from leaking and high water pressure, you should consider scheduling a repiping job. Call for a Humble plumber to look over your home and estimate how much pipe replacement service you need.


Sewer Line Repair

Plumbing and sewer line repair experts at A1 Humble Plumber can evaluate the cracking and damage of your sewer pipe. We want to take steps to avoid replacing the sewer line at all costs. While your property layout and sewer system are unique, there may be some underlying issues that can be addressed. These are some of the most common maintenance and repairs that we perform: pipe relining: using this process, we will give you new pipes from the inside out. We can also line existing sewer pipes with a kind of “sleeve” to prevent pipes’ cracking. First, we’re going to clean out the pipe. Then we’re going to apply the linen, which will harden in just a few hours.

Burst pipe hydraulic replacement: If your sewer pipe is too damaged, we may need to pull a new sewer pipe through the old one. This trenchless technique involves using hydraulics to break apart further the damaged old one and replace it seamlessly with a new pipe.

Preventive pipe maintenance: Lastly, it is crucial to prevent sewer line damage from occurring in the first place. With regular inspections and drain cleaning services, you can keep debris and buildup out of your pipes and avoid cracks, clogs, or bursts.

Sewer Line Replacement

If repair is not possible, it may be time to schedule the replacement of the sewer line. Luckily, at A1 Humble Plumbing, we’re taking the time to explain your options, review the problem, and show you exactly how we’re going to fix it. You can trust us to fit your needs and not oversell you with an unneeded product during any replacement protocol.

Water Heater Repair

Like most household appliances, your water heater is one of those things that is taken for granted – until it’s broken. Then it gets all the attention it needs. On average, the lifespan of most water heaters is between 10 and 15 years. Of course, this lifespan varies depending on the frequency of use, care, and maintenance. Knowing when to repair the water heater allows you to make informed choices and a constant supply of clean, safe hot water.

Take an honest look at your time, schedule, and skill. Are you going to be able to maintain your water heater safely and routinely? Maintenance plays a significant role in the life of your water heater. As a result, the lack of support plays a vital role in the cost and necessity of repairs. Units under routine checks and upgrades last longer and undergo less frequent and costly repairs.

Is your water heater running cold instead of hot water? It could be something as simple as a blown pilot light or as complicated as a faulty thermocouple. The lighting of the pilot could be a DIY project. Repairing or replacing a thermocouple is a job for our team of skilled professionals.

If your water heater emits a foul smell similar to that of a rotten egg, you’ll want to call us in for a water heater repair. That musky smell usually means that your unit has bacteria growing inside it, causing the water to pass through it to pose a health risk to your family. We can quickly fix the unit and reestablish the levels of bacteria and PH to safe standards!

Water Filtration

If your sink, toilet bowl, or shower basin shows buildup and mineral deposits, you may need to rethink your water filtration system. To extend the life of your plumbing system, we recommend the installation of a water softener. One of our licensed plumbers can help you make the right choice for your home.

Take a look at the disadvantages of mineral buildup: 

Soap and Detergent Problems: Hard water prohibits soap from effectively dissolving. Making laundry, showering, and household chores a little more difficult.

Plumbing Line Buildup: As mineral deposits build up in pipes, your plumbing system could become completely useless. Water softener may keep the buildup of minerals from occurring.

Water Spots: Do your dishes have water spots that don’t seem to go away? A water softener can help remove debris and effectively dissolve soap dirt.

A1 Humble Plumber can provide you with a state-of-the-art purification and water filtration system that can reduce chlorine and remove chemicals and pollutants from your household water. Our plumbing experts are certified, bonded, and insured. More than that, we’re guaranteeing our craft! Please do not hesitate to enlist our help in choosing a purification system that meets your home’s needs and needs. We offer upfront pricing and are available 24/7 to deal with any kind of emergency you may have.

Water Heater Replacement

Hot water is a must-have for home comfort. If your water heater fails, you can send your household to chaos. Just the thought of a cold shower makes our blood run cold! Well, how about you? Plus, you have to wash your dishes and clothes in cold water. Our licensed residential plumbers will ensure that you’ll never face this problem for too long. We’re going to get the hot water flowing again. And we’re going to do it quickly, affordably, while treating you and your home with kindness and respect. With our experience and expertise, we have what it takes to replace your failing system with the high-quality water heater required to get your hot water running again.

Signs of Water Heater Trouble

Water heaters last for a lot of years, but how can you tell when you need to replace a unit in your home in Humble, TX?  The following are symptoms that indicate you may require a reliable water heater replacement:

If you have these or any other strange symptoms, it’s time for you to talk to one of our professionals. Our outstanding company offers exceptional water heater replacement products and services and would love to help you with your water heater required in Humble, TX, or nearby.

Slab Leak Detection

Your home is an investment that you have to protect. When slab leaks occur, be sure to call a reliable plumbing technician for help right away. Water leaking under the concrete slab foundation of your home will cause the slab to leak. It can quickly turn into widespread property damage if it is not dealt with promptly.

How Do I Know If I Have a Slab Leak?

There are a few signs to look out for if you suspect a slab leak.

What Happens During a Slab Leak Repair?

The first thing we’re going to do is locate the leak; once the leak is detected, we’re going to start removing the floor to access the damaged area. This may seem intrusive, but you need to get back to your home in a safe condition.

After the flooring has been removed, we will drill a hole through the concrete slab, doing our best to make the hole as opaque as possible. Then we will remove the damaged pipe and replace it with new material. After the new pipeline has been installed, we will ensure that the leak is correctly repaired before fixing the concrete slab.


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